Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)

Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) the organization that implements national insurance schemes in the Netherlands. This financial support is called child benefit (kinderbijslag). If you live or work in the Netherlands and you have a children under 18, you can get Dutch child benefit for the costs of bringing up and caring for them. The rules for who can get and how much child benefit will be paid are set down by the National Child Benefits Act (AKW). For SVB may apply person who work in the Netherlands, and sending a quarterly basis at least 416 Euros a person who cares for the children in the home country.

You can get child benefit for bringing up and caring for your own child, but also

  • An adopted child
  • A foster child
  • A stepchild
  • Another child you bring up and care for as if it were your own child

The amount of child benefit depends on child’s age. Children aged 6 and over qualify for a higher child benefit rate. The child benefit will increase again when your child turns 12. If your child does not live at home with you, for example, because he or she is handicapped, child benefit may be payable at twice the basic rate.

Receiving child benefit

Child benefit is paid every three months. The first payment you will receive, will be for the next quarter after your child’s birthday. The SVB pays child benefit after the end of each quarter. However, if you adopt a child or if you have just come to live in the Netherlands, your child benefit may start at a different time.

You can get Dutch child benefit under the following conditions:

  • You have a valid residence permit
  • You either have a work permit or you are from an EU country or Switzerland
  • You do not have a secondment certificate from another country

If you get child benefit from your home country, and it is less than in the Netherlands, the SVB will supplement the child benefit up to the rate payable in the Netherlands.

Process of granting child benefit for foreigners take up to several months. SVB sends queries concerning family and financial situation of the person concerned, to specify the amount of benefit.

Documents required for SVB:

  • The birth certificate of children (prints EU)
  • Marriage, divorce or death (printing EU)
  • Certificate of receiving or not receiving the family benefit in Poland (translated)
  • Original printout from your bank account, which includes the transfer to the minimum €416 /quarter on account a person who has a child in the home country
  • Original printout from bank account a person, which received the transfer of children in the home country